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 Locations Of PMU

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PostSubject: Locations Of PMU   Thu Oct 08, 2015 12:57 am

It's not enough to know the basics, you also have to know where your going.

-Grassroot Town: Head directly north from the crossroads.
-Pebble Cave: From the crossroads, head east, first structure before the river.
-Tiny Grotto: From the crossroads, head west, go past fruity meadow, head down the spiral.
-Holiday Hills: From the crossroads, head east past pebble cave, follow the path down.
-Sour Root Cave: From grassroot town, head north, first path make a right, first path up.
-Happiness Lake: From grassroot town, head north, first path on the left, do not cross the river until end of path.
-Seaside Cavern:
-Faded Relic:
-Grassroot Dojo:
-Honeydrop Meadow:
-Jailbreak Tunnel:
-Sunny Hillside:
-Cliffside Cave:
-Mt Skylift:
-Pitch Black Abyss:
-Lenile Cavern:
-Mineral Cavern:
-Harmonic Tower:
-Mt Barricade:
-Winden Pass:
-Winden Town:
-Winden Forest:
-Crystal Cave:
-Sauna Cavern:
-Snowveil Den:
-Winden Training Dojo:
-Mt Stormhold:
-Sky Fortress:
-Tanren Tunnel:
-Beach Bunker:
-Tanren Mines:
-Tanren Dojo:
-Rustic Savannah:
-Dragon's Descent:
-Crescent Isle:
-Southern Sea:
-Archford Town:
-Mt Moon:
-Boggy Wastes:
-Murky Trench:
-Mysterious Jungle:
-Inferno Volcano:
-Eevee Resort:
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Locations Of PMU
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