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Welcome to the official Scars and Stars site! We are a active Pokemon Mystery Universe guild.
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 FAQ for Guests

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PostSubject: FAQ for Guests   Thu Oct 08, 2015 12:50 am

Q: What is PMU?
A: PMU is short for pokemon mystery universe. Pokemon mystery universe is a pokemon 2-d mystery dungeon mmo that has been running for more than six years. It is the most popular and most developed pokemon mystery dungeon mmo to date and it is mostly completed. Our founder, Cinder, is staff in game. This forum is for those who are part of our guild, Scars and Stars.

Q: Where can I get PMU? Is it pay to play?
A: PMU is a free non for profit MMO. It can be downloaded here for free.

Q: What if I join the forum and I'm not playing PMU?
A: You'll need to start playing PMU, and we can add you to the guild. After all, this site is for the Scars and Stars guild in PMU.
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FAQ for Guests
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