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 The Basics Of PMU

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PostSubject: The Basics Of PMU   Thu Oct 08, 2015 12:45 am

Since i can't post links for another 7 days, i can directly link the game site.

-Download the game and make sure your Microsoft Framework is V4.0 (Newer computers already have it at 4.0 and higher)
-Then run the game and do the updates.
-Once the updates are complete, make a new account. BE SURE YOU CAN REMEMBER YOUR LOGIN!
-Make sure the server is online and then login to your account.
-Now make decide on your character name. MAKE IT UNIQUE!

Ok so now that you are logged in, how do you play?
-Arrow Keys are your movement. You have to click on the screen first to even be able to move.
-Try holding either shift while you move to run fast.
-Enter is the action button.
-HOME allows you to rotate in place.
-END is how to refresh the map (stand still before using it).
-1, 2, 3, 4 switches between your team.
-W, A, S, D are your moves. Use with F (W+F) to use your move.
-F is your basic attack and to talk to friendly NPCs.
-/ is your key to commands.

Now for the commands
/save to save your progress
/refresh to refresh the map. Use if your getting attacked when your not on that tile or an enemy appears where they are not.
/giveup sends you to the crossroads (no spawn point) or your spawn point (when set). You will lose items in dungeons but not in the overworld or towns.
/sethouse is where you can set your spawn point. Only works in Inn's and houses.
/me uses your name and whatever you say. /me likes it here.
' is how your speak in global. no need to switch channels.
/g is how to speak in guild. you must first be in a guild.
!name "msg is how to PM somebody. !"name" "msg is needed if they have a space in their name.
/leavehouse to leave a player house.
/time tells you the current time of day (Dawn, Dusk, Day, Night).
/who tells you the total player count.

-You must first complete the dungeon (Esc->Others->Profile->Dungeons Page; Blue=Complete, Red=Incomplete).
-Any dungeon in blue will give you a mission.
-The mission board only gives 1 new mission per in game day (Dawn & Dusk are 2 hours, Day & Night are 4 hours), every 8 hours unless there was a server reset or time is out of whack.
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The Basics Of PMU
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